Sunday, February 8, 2009

The End of the Road or getting close, anyway.

...And I couldn't be happier

See the old Portuguese girl...heading down the last lap to retirement.

I'm working one or two shifts a week--sometimes.
It's heaven.
Follow the link to an article about 'Plan B'.

Well, I always knew I wouldn't die rich and I'm right on target--they've even made it easier for me.

The medical system where I am employed has decided to get rid of the travel nurses because they're too expensive--they're hiring 'older' nurses who are coming back to work because all their money is gone.
Ha! I beat them to it.
No benefits, crummy hours, can't see, have arthritis but we're out there doing it.
As long as I can make a couple of extra bucks now and then, I'm happy. And it'll be a few years yet before the nursing ranks increase enough so that the young, healthy (and less expensive) gals and guys muscle us out.
It's a laugh riot at work--I just can't handle the 600 pounders any more. Or the 6' 4" 300 pound men who come in whining that their knees need to be replaced.
I walk into the room and they look at the stubby, gray-haired RN and say: "You'll need help"
Well, there is no help, Bubala. It's me and you, so marshal your resources.
That's motivation to make those new knees work. And maybe motivation to ease off on the beer and chips.
You know when they say 'It's nice to be needed'? In this day and age it is.

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