Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Woman of the Hour

Here's a photo of the inimitable Mrs. Gouker who turns 30 today. We celebrated the birthday last evening with a cake and a potful of Chicken and Dumplings from the kitchens of Mother O'Reilly.

Catherine is the trunk of our family tree--the rest of us are just hangers-on. She dances along and we just follow behind taking orders and trying to keep up. She was born bossy...and funny...and smart, which is the dangerous portion of the child.
Two of her recent watercolors are included here and a photo of the Port of Tacoma just because I like it(the port of tacoma, that is.).

Happy Birthday, little girl.
Your mother loves you.

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eviltaskmaster said...

Hey, this is Ruthie your baby girl is all grown up! I Haven't seen her since she was a baby. I love her watercolors. happens to be my favorite medium. Anyway, Ive been trying to contact Tia hermana and am unable. Is she ok? I'm worried. your blog was the only way I could find out anything. "help me obiwan your my only hope"

My e-mail is