Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm the Investigatin' Cat, and I don't watch the news.....

.....watching the news just give you the blues. Instead,
I investigate here and there.
I investigate just about anywhere,
'Cause I'm the Investigatin' Cat.

There is no place too high or low,
That an Investigatin' Cat can't go.
Is it something big, or little bitty?
Oooh, let me look! I'm the Investigatin' Kitty.
Is it filled with water, is it easy to tip?
That's just the ticket for a little pip -
Squeek of a Cat,
Who's got nothing better to do,
Than investigate you,
And you,
And you,

I want no badge, no gun or hat.
(EVERYONE fears the Investigatin' Cat!)
Those things would just encumber me,
Get in my way. And I need to see!
I was made to poke and nose around,
From up on the ceiling, right down to the ground.

Just doin' my job, just earnin' my pay,
I investigate every day.
Earning my keep and following my bliss,
There's nothing an Investigatin' Cat will miss.

I check out the Big Ones, who pretend to be sleeping,
They think I'm cute, but I'm really just peeping,
Into their eyes.
Their big weird eyes.
Are they open? Are they shut?,
Either way, they've got to get up!

"We want new water, We want new food!
We want it now, cuz there's a 'tude,
Building an' a building in our feline brains.
Attica, Attica!", is the refrain.

But get me my breakfast and I'll desist,
(For as long as it takes me to eat.)
Then it's 'back to work' for the Investigatin' Cat,
Who knows what I might meet,
Or find, or dig out of a box?
I've got all day, and this job rocks!

Big Ones say, "Calm down, stop that!"
"Screw THEM", I say, cuz I'm the Investigatin' Cat.
My work here is not yet through.
There's always plenty left to do.

And if I feel contemplative or still,
I'll sit on my Mizpeh on top of the hill.
(A big, square, black hill: They call it TV.)
I don't care what they call it,
It's a great place to see,
Everyone and,
Everything that,
Passes me at my will.
Ain't no place better for an Investigatin' Cat,
Than the Mizpeh on the hill.

- Jabba Kampp (Now 16 weeks old!) 9/20/2008


Cherry Bomb said...

No wonder I love you! I never knew you could write poetry too. I'm always afraid to show it to anyone 'cause I think they'll laugh or say something like " Very interesting." Or even " You know this really stinks." Yeah for the Investigatin' Cat!

Anonymous said...

"Ahem!" Jabba wrote it! I just posted it for him.

- Maggie