Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Awake, alive, crazy

I've slept for nearly 24 hours and I'm finally thinking again. So, I opened the newspaper---does anybody remember that scene in 'Roxanne'
when Steve Martin buys a paper from the machine, screams in horror and then pays again to put it back in??
That's how I felt this morning. But once you're exposed to dismal reality can you ever put it back? No, that's the lifting of the veil, I suppose, but then I got to thinking some more--which is a curse and why there are so many blogs and horrors in the world.
Are newspapers and magazines and journalists and researchers only reductionists pointing out facts, embellishing, shading, diminishing...? Hegel said that there is no truth but the whole---everything in context. Can you put the entire front page in context? Probably, but it still wouldn't be the whole.
All the perceptions of all the perceivers and all their collected biases. I can't figure it out and I guess that's philosophy for you.
So, I'll pick my battles like a normal person.
Thank you, Charles Winpenny. Photographer extraordinaire.

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catherine927 said...

I love that scene. It is so funny. I also love when he walks around like an alien making those popping noises with his "suckers". A long time ago, I used to walk around the pharmacy like that for laughs. I don't do that anymore. Well, maybe at night! What the hell was on the front page? Was it Teddy K with mets to the eyes? Bum Leg! Bum Leg!