Friday, October 3, 2008

Dennis Kucinich on the Bail-out

Congressman Kucinich says,

.....“Some people will ask of this Congress, what were we thinking? Why did we give $700 billion bailout to Wall Street without fixing what caused the problem in the first place? Why did we rig the free markets for security fraudsters? Why didn’t we explore alternatives to let Wall Street solve its own problems? Why didn’t we have money save millions of homeowners, create millions of jobs, and a green economy? Why didn’t we stop the speculators? Why wasn’t there accountability? Why didn’t we take time to make an intelligent decision?

“Why? Why? Why?”

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- Lois (Maggie) Carneiro

UPDATE: The House of Representatives has just passed the 'lick and and a promise' bail-out bill. Dennis Kucinich stood his ground and voted 'No'.

- Maggie (At about 4:00pm.)

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