Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This Isn't the Happy Ending to a Fairy Tale....

...but rather the beginning of a long, hard slog out of the moral maze that we have allowed ourselves to wander in for the last (not quite) eight years.

As penance (a relic of my Catholic childhood), I watched the election returns on Fox News! (I watched more Fox news in this one night than all the other times combined, turning it off only when they produced the despicable Tom Delay to leer at the camera.)

And I admit to a quiet, peaceful joy when the Electoral votes showed us that Barack Obama was to be our next President and that we only have 76 days left to endure the abominable Bush. (By the way, he can do a lot more damage in 76 days, so keep your eyes open.)

But Barack Obama, even if he is every bit the honorable man I hope him to be, is not in this alone. It would be selfish, childish, and unrealistic to rely on one man to right the wrongs that have turned us into the world's biggest bully over the last two terms of office.

It is long past time for us to assume personal responsibility for the actions of our government. This is not North Korea, this is a democracy, and WE decide which course the country takes. I know plenty of Democrats who voted to re-elect George Bush in 2004. I couldn't believe it! The rest of the world couldn't believe it, but we did it! Shame on us.

So, if you're not prepared to hunker down and make do with less, to keep yourself well-informed regarding international developments, to speak up when you see injustice, to defy terror with courage, then don't be surprised if we never escape the maze.

It's time to get to work. Let's DO it!

- Maggie Carneiro

ps: I thought it was really classy of Obama to cancel the 'obligatory' triumphal fireworks; a canned and militaristic display, in my opinion. But if you want to see a little celebration from the heart, please visit our friend, Rich Simon at Scorp10n Bowl for a uplifting video clip.


Cherry Bomb said...

Even though I'm a Republican,
I too hope for the very best
with Obama as our new president
(By the way, that doesn't mean I
voted for McCain.)
My feelings are the same as
when Clinton was elected. His
promises are high flying are
some are impossible.
Medical care for all Americans
is impossible. I'll be happy
to eat crow if I'm wrong,
because they all SHOULD have
The tax cuts are, again, the
same. Those were the major
issues of Obama's campaign.
There isn't a single man
who has taken over the
presidency who hasn't been
surprised by the underhanded
and nasty things they'll have
to do in order to run this
It's a shame, but true. So
don't expect the people to
benefit with this president than
other. That includes John McCain

TiaHermanaMaggie said...

Hermana Maggie says:

I've gotten two comments on this so far, both from people I love, and neither has mentioned my central point: WE are responsible for what happened and what WILL happen. That means getting more involved in the political process. It means writing to the White House, phoning your Senators and your Congressional Representatives, looking for political action groups who support your causes and joining them.

If say, your major concern is National Healthcare, then start phoning or writing or blogging about it! Get involved! It's your right and it's your duty!

TiaHermanaMaggie said...


History will judge the achievements or failures of George W. Bush. It is my belief that in 60 year his legacy will be one of a liberator and a president that helped our African friends in their darkest hour as no other has done.He acted as a president should act, not using the office to take advantage of young interns. His intellect has been questioned, but he never had to ask the definition of "is"
Let history judge.


(Kurt is my beloved husband of many years. When we left the polling place on Tuesday, we both stopped to put our buttons back on. His said 'Sarah Palin' and mine said 'Obama'. Then we went off to the diner to have a really nice lunch while we puzzled over whether or not we'd guessed right on Proposition A. We both voted 'Yes'.)

Sandy or Bob said...

Maggie, I think optimism is the order of the day. The LANDSLIDE vote shoews an overwhelming support of the nation and a shedding of a lot of percieved impediments to doing the right thing! Maybe you'll give me a call some time to chat. 914-220-2171. - Sandy Randall