Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was going to post a major rant today but I've decided to simply observe-- I'm wading through the crap trying to make a few things clear to myself.

Obama's Nobel- I understand why he won--he is hope and a breath of fresh air from this side of the Pond. The powers that be on the Nobel Committee are rewarding positive behavior. Ouch. Now we have to work with that.

Health Care and Banking - both are bottom line businesses, always have been and always will be. It's counterproductive to insure the chronically ill or to refuse money from the gullible and uninformed, especially when they're just screaming to give it to you. Now we have to work with that.

The Military - has reached it's goal for enlistments for the first time since the volunteer army was instituted. No jobs. No brainer. Hmmm--what to do?

Social Security - will be out of business in 2 years?...3?
No jobs. No brainer. Grab that early retirement...and make it 1 year.

The bottom line truth is that everything is a market. Everything. It's an inescapable fact.
So it falls to the people to teach their children well--and even then human nature is going to get in the way at every turn...that's not fair, you say? What is?

Equity and mercy and trust are lies...nice concepts to be sure but in the end they're fiction, I was going to say that they were fairy tales but really, have you read the Original Brothers Grimm?

We are all gullible and we've been mass hypnotized to believe that there are experts out there who know what they're doing--no, no, the experts are expert at getting their next paycheck--that is all. And that's what we all should be doing--adapting to a changing world and moving on. We have to teach our kids to use history as a jumping off point--not something to clutch at and be nostalgic about--analyze the facts, babies, and go from there.

Respect and honor, equity, mercy and trust are things that only come from each individual and they have to be tempered with skepticism and well-timed ruthlessness.
It's a hard road to teach that, because it's not profitable to have an occasionally ruthless, always skeptical and intelligent public.

Now we have to work with that.

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