Thursday, October 8, 2009

Firmly in the Mid-Range

Now read this...

I read this in Arts and Letters today and I'm just enchanted by how much has been written about the lowly 'middlebrow'.
I love the statement about highbrow ectomorphs perusing the bookshelves of the new professor with 'no background'.
Is it highbrow to be rude?
Sometimes it seems that it's highbrow to be lowbrow--think of the eight GWB years when elites and intellectuals were so reviled--I'm surprised we didn't actually have a bookburning.
I'm a middlebrow seeker of truth, I think that most of us are--but we're quiet while we search, we're hopeful while we search--we're looking for the deep down whatever that resides in the human race--that thing that elevates us and makes us better and different and gives us souls...
We end up discovering that we're no different from anything else in the universe. What we are is another part of everything that exists as we know it (and what the hell is that, can I ask you?). And the only thing that's really true for humanity is death and taxation.
I don't think that's a bad thing--and I don't think that any of us should ever stop looking for truth--we should keep reading the great books and asking the same old big questions because the OTHER true thing about humanity is that to a person we're always asking 'why?'
Nobody knows why. But 'why' is the reason we evolved--we keep looking for the answer and trying new things...
(Oh, for heaven's sake, TacomaGal--what's your point?)
I'll look for an answer to that and get back to you.

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