Saturday, March 21, 2009

100 pages ... and other items

I'm writing that book I've been talking about and thinking about for so long. I love books and I always thought I'd like to build one myself but as with quite a few other things---I'm a much better appreciator of books, writers, literature, art, music...yada yada yada...than I am a maker of those things...its kind of sad, especially when you're getting on a bit and visibly drying up and out.
Anyway I thought what the hell...if I don't write the damn thing...I'll never have written the damn thing and that would be sadder than all the drying up I'm doing.
So, it's mostly writ.
100 pages today. 53,658 words so far. Its cheap trash chick lit--old chick lit. But with a couple of thoughts and a bit of world travel and I'm seriously considering an assassination--but maybe nothing as classy as that. Maybe someone will just get clobbered with an old Bakelite telephone--you could die from that.
In Other News: The hospital I work at is going all telemetry so in my declining years I'm having to buy a real stethoscope and EKG calipers. I'm the kind of nurse that ignores the numbers--if you're pink and eating your sandwich I call it good but if you're blue and gasping for breath I clap you in the side of the head and call a code. Now I have to run my own codes...and look for my own P waves.
From now on every night when I get to work I'm putting leads on my own chest.

The Springtime Birds arrived in Tacoma a few weeks ago--they are a joy to hear.
Daffies are blooming and camellias and heather--I planted primroses and then we had a hailstorm. Ah well, that's Spring for you.

The photo of the sunny dirt road and the picket fence is mine. I took it up at Fort Worden on the Olympic Peninsula--on the other side of the picket fence is an old Coast Guard Station and a Lighthouse.

The kid with the thesaurus represents the Thesaurus I've had to consult soooo many times while writing the book. AND I read a book by Ammon Shea who read the entire OED in a year and took notes--read the book its fantastic for a lover of words, books, alphabets, libraries--you'll recognize yourself and be heartened to know that you're not the only one who thinks those crazy thoughts.
Tune in tomorrow.

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