Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cruise Edition

I'm cruising with my old college room mate again this year.
The Hatchling and I have been together in one form or another since 1967. Forty-two years.
Holy Merde, indeed. We can't believe it.

Patty (the Hatchling) does all the planning and I just follow along. This year we'll go the Grand Turk, St John and Puerto Rico.

This ship you see before you is the one we'll be on.
We will have a balcony.
Patty likes to try new stuff. Last time we cruised we swam with Manta Rays or some such creatures--(this was right after one of them stabbed Steve Irwin).
This time Patty wanted to swim with dolphins but I said NO NO NO I will not be goosed by a dolphin and Patty said
"Oh, Linda, It'll be the most fun you've had in years."
How dare she just assume that I don't have fun! At all...ever...oh please,god, just ONE dolphin.
Well anyway the dolphins are taking the year off so she's booked us a horseback ride/swim in the blue waters of Grand Turk. I think 1967 was the last time I was on a horse.
By April 26th I may be severely crippled.
Blame Patty.
Here's what I will do before the crippling event: drink martinis, sit in the sun for many,many hours, swim and repeat.
Hermana, my Will and Advance Directives are filled out (legally and completely, by an attorney, for heavens sake) Cath is my POA and DPOA unless she can't be and then it defaults to you because I know that neither one of you will hesitate to pull the damn plug. The documents are in the cooler in the trunk of my car because I can be reasonably sure that the car won't burn down (the apartment, not so much).
I will get a safe deposit box at a future date.
My Taxes are done.
Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

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