Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sweden Doesn't Look Like a Big Scrotum for Nothing!

They're in worse shape than we are, the poor dopes.
From Google Today:
To be fair to the Swedes, they're not taking this lying down:
".....An editorial in the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter likens Sweden to dictatorships around the world, warning that now all Swedes are deemed guilty until proven innocent. Even the editor of the conservative Svenska Dagbladet urged Swedish politicians to ‘think of Orwell and vote no’. The blogosphere protested wildly in the run-up to the parliamentary vote on the FRA law. Critical Facebook groups were created, including FRI (‘for freedom and rights on the internet’); several individuals and corporations planned ‘civil disobedience’ actions. The internet company Bahnof said that it would reroute all its traffic to ensure it does not fulfil FRA’s requirements for interception. The telecom company Telia Sonera moved its servers for Finnish traffic in order to protect the integrity of its Finnish customers....."
We can't submit to this sort of abuse because if we don't stop it, it will escalate. What will be next? Barcodes tattooed on our foreheads? Chips implanted under our skin? Five years ago I would have labeled that sort of speculation as paranoid hysteria. Today, it seems like the sound of approaching thunder.
- Lois Carneiro


Kenneth said...

Thats's not a scrotum, that's a wrinkly condom. Note the reservoir tip at the south end representing Skane. To the east is Finland. That's a scrotum. Note the southern bulge. I can't explain Norway (hand?, or Denmark (target?). As it goes....
Ken - a nursing student from Kent.

Hermana said...

Ah Ken, a brother-in-arms!
I've reconsidered Scandinavia and decided that it resembles an atypical case of hypospadias. But I'm with you on the condom.

Remember that nurses sometimes eat their young. My sister and I are a couple of old hands. Anytime you have something to say, send it in.

- Maggie (Hermana)