Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shoes and the Properties of Light

I went out today feeling great. The sun was shining for a couple of hours and I went to Barnes and Noble and then to Safeway for some cat food.

I was stepping back into the car after leaving Barnes and Noble and I noticed an unbelievable thing--I was wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe. Damn, I'd been in a public place with people who could see!! I thought everybody was just extra friendly today.
So, was I going to drive all the way back home to change my shoe? No. I went to Safeway and everyone there was friendly too. And smiling. Do that many people usually look at your feet?
Anyhow, when you become old always put your shoes on in a good light.
This wouldn't have rocked my world as bad as it did if Catherine 927 hadn't been here yesterday and found my small bottle of Clorox in the refrigerator. I could SEE the Clorox I was just thinking of something else--it belongs in the bathroom.
The kids already want me to wear one of 'those buttons' around my neck.

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GypsyJ said...

Oh, my gosh! Clorox in the refrigerator and two different shoes - it's definitely a long, indoor winter. Is this the Einstein effect? Too much reading and philosophizing and a creeping distractedness with the mundane things of life? But what a lovely thing to continue on with the errands - it's not hurting anything and I'll bet half the people in Safeway have put on two different shoes at least once in their life, too!