Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm thinking out loud here and probably being tremendously simplistic. You'll let me know, won't you?

As far as legal marriages and partnerships--does it make that much difference who marries who? Why so many rules?

When people respect/love each other enough to want to spend their lives together perhaps the only rules should be that:
First: they are over eighteen years of age and
Second: That making the promise and signing the papers in front of God or the J.P. or whoever means that everything is halfsie until that time when the marriage ends.

Man/woman, SSM, Siblings, Cousins, Capulets/ doesn't matter. Not anymore. The way we're playing with genomes pretty soon we'll be speculating on inter-species marriage. I'm not being facetious.

If any two (or three--more than that as mentioned somewhere on this site--leads to choosing sides and wearing armbands) entities promise to take care of each other and provide for each other's needs, they should be able to engage in a full-bodied, no holds barred marriage.

Real committed love and respect for another human is a gift (and a miracle) where ever you find it. Honor it. They'll pay taxes and conspicuously consume and mow the lawn like the rest of us and if they start having whacked-out sex on the freshly mowed lawn they'll get arrested like the rest of us.

Life is hard. It would be a little easier if humans stopped being outraged at every label they didn't like. Look beyond the label.

ALL committed love and respect needs to be celebrated whether it lasts a lifetime or not.

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