Thursday, June 2, 2011

Re: Thinqon, look it up. ON LINE PERSONAS

Online persona:

I'm old and I've come to the conclusion that caution is over-rated. Of course I don't want to be so loose that I paint a target on myself for any old serial killer so I'm going with judiciously carefree.

I found this site a couple of days ago and I'm overjoyed to make statements and ask questions and not have family and friends taking wide detours around me or just giving me blank stares--I'm the crazy old aunt/grandmother who probably has a gun in her purse ( I don't though, just an umbrella and a fork--in case I find something to eat. )

In youth we have to be cautious to a degree--we have things to protect; things we could lose. But as time passes and you find that you really can't protect anyone or anything and that loss is a direct result of living, well then you'd probably better open up to life a bit more so that it doesn't become a closed, airless room.

I'll probably think of more on this topic but for now my opinion is that you have to become less cautious as you proceed through life; 'entropy is all' --I can't remember where I read that-- but I want to steer clear of it until increasing decrement takes the choice away from me.

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