Monday, June 13, 2011

I Swear I Didn't Know...

I just thought she was some idiot. So I wrote her a comment to this: (It's about the weiner issue)

My comment:

When I vote for someone and pay them big bucks with my taxes I want them to do the job, not spend time looking for tail and giving the company a bad name.
In the weiner case, as in the spitzer case (no capitalizations; I’ve made the choice), these guys were online for hours of taxpayer time exhibiting bad judgement and lack of restraint—not want I want in a person who’s representing me.
If you’ve made a promise and married an individual at least hang on until your term is over. You not only made a promise to a spouse and children but you have a responsibility to use your brain—the one in your head—for the people you represent. After that—go for it—I won’t respect you but at least you applied yourself to the job at hand (so it speak).

Don’t make promises to spouses and families that you know you’re not going to keep.
Stay single, fu** your brains out in your off hours and give your constituents the 8-12 hours of serious thought they elected you for.

Oh…and this:
“If only our news networks led with what matters: the three million women and girls who are currently enslaved in third world brothels — enslaved, literally, beaten, raped, drugged, not permitted to leave unless someone “buys” their freedom. The eight thousand children who died today largely of preventable diseases like malaria, and what’s working to help them. The mounting scientific evidence that climate change is shaping up to be the worst ecological and humanitarian disaster in human history." ~~L.Bloom

The money and the sex is all that matters to powerful, arrogant men, the ones who own the media.
There’s no money in third world nations, I am very sad and ashamed to say.
If the cameras are NOT on these men (the ones we can reach)—if the media does NOT pay attention, even more women and children will be sacrificed as playthings to power…as revenue and as spoils of war.
There’s really no stopping it but don’t tell us not to pay attention to the likes of weiner and spitzer et al.
Given the freedom you suggest they’d escalate to third world tactics pretty quickly.

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