Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama can't Dance

Hidey-Ho, fellow Americans. I just watched Obama's acceptance speech. I'm impressed by his stirring words and polished ways but, you know, I've heard acceptance speeches before.

I'll reserve judgement on this candidate until he's been in office for a couple of years. Can he stand up to business as usual in Washington D.C.? It's an entrenched system of entitlement and profit-making and taking--the Senate and the Congress and the representatives have gotten comfortable there--it's a machine that needs a monkey wrench thrown in.

America has slipped too far over the line. The line being greed and gluttony and sloth. Is Obama the person to begin to change us back into a country that pushes the envelope of progress and equality?

To be strong as a country or as a global village requires a strong foundation--that would be the people. Healthy, educated and tolerant people; willing to take a hit for the greater good; willing to reach for something that only new generations can grasp; willing to stop wasting time protecting what we've got and walk forward into the future.

The USA has stopped moving forward. When you stop moving and changing you're dead.

We're at a more serious place than we've ever been before. We want the future to look bright but at this point in history the future looks different and we fear difference above all else.

Science and technology have brought us to a place that is too strange for us so we're pulling the wagons into a circle and hiding from the changes we can finally see with our own eyes--changes that are not science fiction any longer.

Well, so why is that picture of Peggy Noonan up there?
I wanted to see what the conservative element thought of Obama's acceptance speech and Peggy's was the first opinion I looked at. She thought that the speech carried some weight but that it was too serious and needed to be lighter and wittier and more joyful---and that the Republicans could take advantage of the lack of comedy and thereby win more voters to their cause.

That may happen. Americans are an anxious bunch these days and in our fear of leaving infancy behind we just may take that sugar tit and go back to protecting our toys.
It will be the death of us.

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