Sunday, August 31, 2008

No News

See Frank Rich's piece in the New York Times today:
Frank writes about how journalists get it wrong because they're just as discombobulated as the rest of us. They're anxious and fearful because 21st century media (the internet) is eroding all 20th century media. Well, Frank, maybe we'd better get over all that 20th century stuff. The internet has been around long enough that broadcast news should be able to deal with it.
Broadcast news is nonsense these days, as you point out so cogently, and its nonsense because it reports what it wants to happen or what its afraid will happen or what its been told will happen.
No facts.
All speculation and conjecture and hype (i.e. Gossip)
Where's the investigative reporting?
Too slow, right?
Investigations take time-and in this day and age things only happen NOW.
Frank states that Obama and his campaign people are "...on the digital locomotive" and that's why the outcome of this election can't be predicted, Obama's gang operates "under the radar of the mainstream press"
Well, of course they do! Its the 21st Century! Haven't the Big Three Networks been aware of that? Yes, Frank, everything is going to be different---everything IS different.
The Big Three are old news. Big teeth and blue blazers don't cut it anymore. The truth IS out there---and cruising the internet for a half an hour will get you closer to it than Action News will.
Take a break, Linda....(pause)....
Ok, I had to call Hermana and have a chat -- my blood pressure was rising dangerously.
I'll wrap it up now.
Open your eyes, people. Its a new world and you're not going to be able to stuff it back into the same comfortable old paradigm. Run to greet it and make it your friend--you can still love your kids and your husband---you can still eat mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Actually living in the 21st century isn't going to compromise your beliefs or your values--you can integrate your life into this wonderful time and be part of it. Think about what you can bring to the 21st century and stop being afraid of what you're going to have to leave behind.
Grow up. Denial does not become any of us.

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