Monday, August 4, 2008

The Food Issue

It looks like we'll be talking food this week and I'm very glad of it.
Here in the USA we focus too much on food and I think that's due to advertising. Good food, bad food, gimmicky food, vitamin packed food, how much to keep and how to keep it. Freezers packed solid in case of a disaster--which wouldn't include electricity, I'm supposin'. Big box food stores. Vats of mayo...
My, my and now they're predicting food shortages secondary to the expense of getting the food from place to place. A couple of months ago there was a blurb in the newspaper about a shortage of rice; I was at the market the day after that story and all the Minute Rice was gone (!!). Coincidence? I think not--although in addition to American reactionism it also smacks of ignorance and twinkie mentality.
And then there's the bacteria factor--think how much less Proctor and Gamble would see in profits if they didn't terrorize the public about the germs in their food and in their kitchens.
Hermana and I could go on and on...
Required reading for this subject:
Michael Pollan
Mark Bittman
Julia Child (no kidding)
Peter Singer
Anthony Bourdain

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