Saturday, July 12, 2008

ICE Raid

This is the tip of the outrage iceberg. I was going to the Anarchist Bookfair with a song in my heart today. To enjoy the fine weather and maybe get a picture of a police car photogenically parked. But now when I go my heart will be heavy and I'll be buying books to study and to learn from so these last years of my life are not wasted on typical old person retirement pursuits.
I'd like to do some good.

Please, someone who has some useful argument for this particular raid, let us know what your reasons are. We are always open to the humane and the sensible, so bring it here.

Why are we prosecuting and deporting people who actually WORK here?

This is interesting:

This too:
The Children of Postville, Iowa
By kyledeb on May 18, 2008 4:25 PM Comments (41) TrackBacks (0)
Shuya Ohno, Director of Communication for the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, flew into Iowa this weekend to help with the aftermath of the largest raid in the U.S. history. The New Bedford raid wasn't too far behind. Ohno sent me the following pictures and asked me to put them up on Citizen Orange:
My fingers ache trying to type out this entry because there is so much that is wrong here. Postville, Iowa, truly became POSTville after 389 people were yanked out of town with only 2,273 people in it. What about the employers you say? No officials at Agriprocessors have been charged.But these migrants were bringing down wages for U.S. citizens you say? The United Food and Commercial workers were actually in the process of trying to unionize people at the plant. There was also government investigation of labor law violations under way which probably would have resulted in officials at Agriprocessors being charged. But this fight isn't about statistics, or the law. This is a cultural war. This is attrition through enforcement. Nativists want migrants to suffer and the U.S. government is carrying out their wishes. That's why I ask any nativist reading this to look into the faces of the children above. These children have done nothing to deserve the suffering that you wish upon them. The only sin their parents committed was to pursue happiness in a nation that refuses to recognize their humanity.Read this from the Washington Post:
Half of the school system's 600 students were absent Tuesday, including 90 percent of Hispanic children, because their parents were arrested or in hiding.
Spencer S. Hsu - Washington Post (18 May 2008)As is always the case, most of these 300 now missing students were probably U.S. citizens. These children are not going away. They will grow up and remember the terror that the U.S. government put them through. Terror that other U.S. citizens stood by and watched.

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