Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Again

I'm just back from the San Juan Islands in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The photos are from Roche Harbor, Friday Harbor and Sequim. The Jungle photo is of a mural Cath just completed for a child's room.
Sequim is where I got the lavendar fields. It was a perfect day--hot and sunny with the smell of lavendar and the buzzing of bees all around.
I strenuously avoided all newspapers and programs while I was away. I didn't want to spoil the relaxation element of the trip.
*I did hear that GWB scolded Putin and told him that "...this is the 21st century, we don't just invade other countries..." I don't know if that's true or not but if it is true it doesn't suprise me.
*John Edwards cheated on his wife--dope. Why would you do that and then run for president?
It shows a lack of good judgement and for heaven's sake we've gotten enough of that from the faithful guy.
*Bernie Mac died---he was great.
*I just read that McCain has 'surged' past Obama in the polls--what happened?
*The Republican party is going to call itself the GOP for the remainder of the campaign because too many voters associate the word republican with GWB.
See article at the above link.
Why did the candidates consent to be interviewed by Rick Warren??
The USA is hog-tied and twisted by religon as much as any lunatic in Iraq.
OK, I'm back and I'm feeling good. The Blogging will commence.....

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