Monday, August 25, 2008

First Ladies

What do you all think about Michelle Obama addressing the Democratic Convention? I remember being horrified by Elizabeth Dole's infomercial for Bob. It was so scripted and plastic and 'This Is Your Life'-ish.
I adore a strong woman--I try like mad to be one myself.
(Hermana and I have had a conversation recently about MAGNIFICENT BITCH tattoos).
How can a potential first lady present herself and her family to the American public? A population that largely despises intellectuals, elites and females who have forgotten their places (except for Ann Coulter, Elizabeth Dole, Phyllis Schlafly and their ilk--strong women who criticize other strong women for forgetting their places).
I'm afraid that I'm the type of power bitch who camouflages herself behind a sweet, womanly, grandmotherly attitude and then lands like a sledgehammer on my unsuspecting target. Is that legitimate or honorable?
(Who cares... It usually works.)
Hmmmm? Tell me. What do you think?

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