Saturday, August 30, 2008


This might not be so bad. If McCain gets elected at least he'll have someone to walk past the Oval Office from time to time and smack him in the head.
For all the experience the current Administration has they've done a very poor job, maybe Ms. Palin is the gal to stir it up a bit.
I certainly hope that the Republican ticket doesn't profit from this just because she's a woman, or an evangelical, or pro-life. I like to think that we vote for a person or ticket based on all their attributes put together.
Ms. Palin's attributes are probably considerable when weighed against the average American woman ( and we think we know it all -- or I do anyway). But as a 2 year Governor of Alaska, a state that is vastly different from the rest of the USA, will she carry it off when faced with America and the World? That's a lot of people. In Alaska she only has half a million and they're all subsidized..
Well, Peggy Noonan was looking for a little comedy and here it is. It certainly injects that Soupy Sales flavor into the campaign.
Let's look on the bright side, people, one thing about the unknown is that she may be good.

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