Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proving it to the World...

Promoting democracy
I have some issues with the linked article.
How do we promote Democracy?
Like we have for the past 8 years?
It hasn't seemed to make us any friends.

First we'll need to set an excellent example of Democracy and illustrate how it can work.
That means encouraging everyone to vote--it worked this time and it can work again. The occasional wackiness will happen, a la California and the gay marriage ban, but you've got to expect wackiness where humans are concerned.
If everyone is not at the polls the majority can't rule.
Democracy means that the supreme authority of a nation is invested in the people--so everyone who's a person needs to vote. Ok, People?
Aside from the major miracle we've recently experienced, the USA has been largely run, since the late 70's, by those who believe the world should operate like a John Wayne movie--which were fiction.
The value system a democracy runs on needs to be defined per the Constitution of the USA and printed LARGE on every banknote, worthless though they are, and on the side of every government building.
The word Values is thrown around like the new baby at the family reunion but values must be defined, which means to specify distinctly and to state the precise meaning of each individual value of a Democracy. There's real work behind it.
Who am I to dispute the values of a serial killer? They're true for him or her.
Every pederast has a value system but it might not work for you.
So, get to work.
Participate in the democracy you want to see.

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