Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow, anyone?

This is Jake in his snow plow. It is a photo from the Seattle PI website where they did a story on the pass being closed due to avalanche.

Mom, going out with two different colored shoes isn't as bad as the bleach thing. My old manager at the Bead Factory came to work with two different colored knee-high boots on once. It is bright in that store! I thought about not telling her just because I knew she would be behind the counter all day, but I ended up telling her anyway. She went home to change. unlike some people. I also sat behind a girl at UWT that was wearing two different shoes completely. One had a round heel and the other was square. I stared at it all class. I was in a class at TCC where a woman forgot to take one single curler out of her hair. I stared at that all class too. As you can tell from these stories, I always pay attention to the teacher.

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