Friday, January 2, 2009

Waiting for Obama and meandering in a heartfelt way...

It's time consuming. Nothing is getting done. Obama is the only sensible guy in the house--he went on vacation because there was nothing he could do.
The cabinet is full.
The columnists are getting tired of writing pointed advice for him hoping that he'll notice.
Here's what I think: There's too much to do. So, he'd better focus and after he's picked his big targets he's got to really go after them and not take any crap.
First target: The USA, we've got to be big and strong and smart.
Define Big and Strong and Smart, Linda.
OK, I will.
Big as an IDEA-What we represent to the global community. We should be big enough to say OK, we've been dumbed down for a while but those days are over. Watch us now. Making our people strong in body and mind. Making our infrastructure strong and ready for the future.
Saying: NO, to oil, auto makers, banks and ANY kind of irresponsible behavior in the people we are supposed to trust----senators, congressmen, al
Clean up the Gulf Coast--oooo, but its too expensive, you say? Well, can we at least get the cars out of the trees? Americans live there.
The rules need to change--they need to be short and clear and loud.
Strong-in body and in mind (as previous). ALL of us make up America. Not just the ones you think should be here. Everyone who is here. Now. Grow up.
Smart--Bring out the big guns for heaven's sake. We have great minds in America--people who are too smart to run for government office. Listen to them. Do you suppose that because you haven't had a bright idea nobody has?
Read some new books, read what the other side has to say---it's not ALL crap... although admittedly...there's a lot ...
BUT you should always know what the other side is thinking anyway---pick out the good stuff.
None of us on the earth are ever going to be anything but human and that means trouble-- but its time to start leaning away from our baser instincts.
So, pick one.
Of your baser instincts, that is.
And let'em have it.

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