Thursday, January 22, 2009


Portugal has offered safe haven to prisoners of Guantanamo who can't be repatriated because of fears of mistreatment/death in their own countries. While the prisoners were indeed found at training sites for terrorism a lot of them were planning to terrorize other countries. Not the USA. So, the USA should not be prosecuting them.
I say, hats off to Portugal. They are a small country but they jump up and do something really great and/or startling from time to time. They colonized large portions of Africa and South America beginning in the 1400's and consequently many of the Portuguese carry native blood from both continents in their veins--whether they know it or not. They brought Christianity as well, decimating the native peoples through religion and slavery.
In addition to that, the Portuguese were the first to use lobotomies--a first class means of controlling certain subsets of the population.
And their cuisine is First Rate.
I am not putting the Portuguese down--the blood runs strongly in my own veins--just pointing out that if you really are a great people you've worked both sides of the divide--don't deny it. And don't judge.

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