Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bill Moyers Journal

I chanced upon Bill Moyers Journal this morning and watched the episode he did recently with John Lithgow. Really, the two of them together--what a show.
Anyway, Lithgow was expounding on poetry and read that poem of Dylan Thomas' about raging against the dying of the light and I thought about yesterday's post.
That piece of Thomas' always irked me, I thought how ungraceful it was to kick and scream your way out of this life the way some do.
Time to rethink the issue:
Raging doesn't necessarily mean the frenzy that I was seeing. Maybe what I should take it to mean is paring down to the clear, thin, blue flame of heat--putting everything you've got left into what you love, not wildly but intensely.
Everybody knows this but me.
So, there you are, another quantum of light for Linda.
I was very careful about my shoes this morning.

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