Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In the Huffington Post this morning the word 'duplicitous' occurs at least a couple of times--both times referring to lies and the 'lying liars that tell them'
You need two people to tell a really good lie. For a really fantastic lie one person will do as long as that person really believes all versions of the truth/lie complex. This is not as rare as you might think.

However, my point is that we are all duplicitous out of necessity. Consider Barack Obama: Seemingly, a paragon of the term well-rounded, in personality, intelligence, education--a poster boy for family values and inter-racial harmony. Yet Mr. Obama successfully ran for President of the USA, where lies must be told and secrets must be kept. He is willingly exposing his beloved family to the vicissitudes of political life (ask Chelsea--I can't wait until that girl writes a book).
So, on the one hand...and yet...
In God we trust...wait, where is the retirement money I saved for 35 years?
But she's your mother...wait, didn't she beat the shit out of me for twelve solid years?
Member of the financial super-intelligentsia: Alan Greenspan...I never saw it coming.
Fr. Mike...come here, little boy.

Duplicity is the nature of the universe that we live in. Without it there would be no LIFE.
So, as sad and as painful as it is, the art of living requires that we exist in duplicity and contradiction---just read the Bible or Shakespeare or...look around you.
The Art of Living is trying to reach a balance; not slipping too far into fear or greed--especially fear.
The Art of Living is to participate honorably and thoughtfully with the world around you. Don't deny the ugly parts--steer away from them if you can, deal with them when you must.
Remember that when you reach to save someone or something that you love--you are passing over an equally beloved thing of yours or someone else's.

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GypsyJ said...

Duplicity - the parts of each of us that are wonderful - and horrible. Each innocent babe born appears on the scene without malice, yet somehow a few of them act out the most hideous behaviors and hurts upon others, including what could be their loved ones. We've all done things we don't even want to admit to close friends and that we cringe about when the memory comes up. But we also do the best we can most of the time and, at least, a pretty good effort the rest of the time. Conflict is the friction that sparks the thoughts, moves us to make changes and maintains interest in each other. Can't live with it but can't live without it.

By the way, I love the photo of the ravens...