Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - What, what, what will happen this year??

Who knows, but could anything be worse than Sarah Palin? There are people to want to be her neighbor!(there was a poll) Well, be my guest!! ... more room for us in the contiguous 48.
Here are some celebratory pix. Please note the extremely handsome Snuggs O'Reilly who refuses to go outside since the BIG SNOW of '08. The other photos are just nice, that's all.
In the news today are terrible things. Things that our paltry recession can't hold a candle to. Nick Kristof's column in the NYT, Israel, Iraq, Africa. We are killing, defiling and humiliating each other in every possible way and this is NOT bizzare, this is business as usual. People stink!

My resolution:
To keep climbing over contradiction and paradox, enigma and oxymoron; they are underfoot like used condoms and hypodermic needles(and don't you find that disgusting?).
To fight for the right to blog my brains out(nobody cares anyway) and invite scrutiny by nefarious persons in Langley and Alexandria.
Hermana, I noticed today that a solitary hit came from Hawaii this week--the Secret Service is worried that Obama is a secret fan of ours. They are watching.
As I climb over the imponderables I'll be looking for the little joys in life.
e.g. New Years Day-nobody expects anything of you. What could be better??
Not working this weekend.
Layin' about.
Watching movies while layin' about.
Daniel Craig--Wait, while I add a picture. Isn't that nice? I watched Layer Cake, a movie about bakers, but no! It was strange and wonderful and kind of depressing but true (philosophically) and spoiler alert:
He gets killed in the end. Because of the suit. He was dressed like an angel until the very end and then he needed to be shot.
AND, you will be pleased to know, that I'm starting work on my long-awaited novel. Mystery, suspense, drama, ROMANCE.
Advice and suggestions are appreciated--just throw them at me, if I work anything in you'll be a footnote.
I'm going to try to have it together by January 1st, 2010--not published or anything but a complete story and maybe some punctuation.
See you tomorrow.

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