Sunday, December 28, 2008

Frank Rich vs Melissa Etheridge Re: Rick Warren

Face it, people, we can't split the world down the middle. We can't exclude everyone we are not in lockstep with. We're not talking about Charles Manson here. If humans are going to move forward as a race we have to rub off on each other a bit. I know, it's risky--no,its not risky--its smart. We are up to this. We have to take the chances that may bring us a little closer.
Rick Warren may turn out to be another Hitler (but wouldn't that be giving him rather too much credit?). He may be another smooth talking snake oil salesman (its not like they aren't under every rock in D.C.).
I don't think that Obama's move in bringing him in is another airy-fairy attempt at reaching out--I think its a calculated move to start being involved with each other on a serious level.
We can't continue the cowardly luxury of the black-white thinking, red-blue politics or theist-nontheist drivel we've been indulging in because we're afraid of the slippery slope factor.
We can't continue to participate in the debasing trivialities of political maneuvering--at least not all the time.
It may be a disaster and it may not.
The risk here is that we will continue the red-faced pointing and blaming of the other and miss completely the opportunity to quit our infantile self-importance and step out of timidity and fear and stupidity.
We are intelligent grownups; we are capable of hazarding the hope of possibility and of dealing with the consequences in a responsible manner.
I give you Frank Rich and Melissa Etheridge .

Different and edifying.

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