Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crimes Against Humanity;Brought to you by the USA

Man's inhumanity to man is nothing new--we are born to it. I can't laugh today. My good friend is moving out of our cheap little apartment complex because she can't afford the rent. She'll be paying $375.00 per month for a place that's so small that when the oven door is open it touches the bathroom door and has the added advantage of being on the busline. This is an intelligent woman who's worked hard all her life. Raised 4 kids to adulthood and buried one of them. I hear no complaints from her--she counts her blessings: that she's still able to work, that her pension isn't completely gone yet, that she has children who love her. Her greatest fear is being a burden to them.
I must admit that these are very great gifts when compared to troubles that exist on the rest of the globe. We Americans are strong and most of us just keep on stepping without remark or expression of grief or pain.
I think its long past time for us to gather together and confront the meanness and smallness of character that pervades the government of the United States of America. We have been manipulated for years to believe that owning a home for our families and saving money for our old age is the American Way. Well, our homes have been manipulated right out of our hands and our saving is following quickly. I hear from politicians that taxing the public is unpatriotic but who will it be that pays for the crimes of the Wall Street financiers? John McCain? George Bush? Fannie or Freddie Mae? No, it will be us, the taxpayers who after 40 years of work have to sell our homes, move to an apartment and then move to a smaller one. And compared to other countries--Darfur, The Congo, Ruwanda, Sudan--we are still sitting on top of the world.
Where are the Americans to want to see justice for all? Where are the Americans who pitch in and put their shoulders to the wheel for the USA?
Where and WHO are the Christians who believe that God made people in his image and to be their brother's and sister's keeper? I don't think there any boundries or conditions specified about that in the bible. Although, I am not a believer in any god--I want to believe that people will do good and comfort each other without boundries or commandments or gods. I have deceived myself.
I don't want to give up without a fight, though.
I'm planning a fight--a peaceful fight--but LOUD.
Maybe I'll laugh again tomorrow.

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