Friday, October 17, 2008

Serious Loss of Cool

It was not my best day ever at work. I lost all my good humor and became very irritated. It all worked out in the end, but for a few moments I was actually seeing things in red. I am home now and the boys ordered pizza. It is always nice to come home to food.

Jake is mad about the election. I hear him muttering away in the other room. Chris is handling it all in his own calm way. He is asleep.

The new rumor is that Colin Powell will endorse Obama on the next Meet the Press. I may have some facts wrong there, but that's what a rumor is. Deal with it.

I think an endorsement from Powell is the final nail in McCain's coffin. I absolutely could dance and sing about how neutralized Palin has been. Everyone knows she is laughable and now you never hear about her. She deserves to be hidden, along with her backwards ideas and well-developed calves.

I want this election over with so badly. We are in this terribly stagnant state right now and it will be healthy for everyone if we can move on. We are all lame ducks, waiting for the next government. I hate this feeling and I want the nineteen days or so to hurry up. I also know the entire world is watching us, and it is such an important election. But at the same time, I'm ready to vote for Daffy Duck because our financial situation is so bad that no one is going to have the money they want to make any new policy. If either one of the candidates had looked into the camera at the debate and said "Cut the shit, America. You lived outside your means. I'm raising taxes. I'm not cutting anything, I'm not starting a health care program and I'm not sending Joe the Plumber out on any septic jobs. We are broke. The next four years will be full of recession and pain," I would have immediately voted for that man.

Ah, well. In celebration of this fine moment in our nation's history, I upped my principal mortgage payment by sixty dollars.

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