Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debt does it all

I totally agree that Americans are shackled by their debt. Too busy making ends meet to look up at the world around them.
I do remember that Tupperware floating away. I am already regretting not staying longer but by the time I get off the plane I will be glad to have come home. I will get back to work then and start saving up some money for the holidays.
I am working tonight but plan to keep up with the debate action via the Internet. I hope she gets absolutely crushed. This is wicked of me, but I cannot stand her incompetence. She must be punished for it.
Does anyone on this blog watch the Simpson's? Is it just me or is Joe Biden the school superintendent? HA!
Another sad thing about going to work tonight will be missing game 2 of the AL and NL division series. I watched both games last night and enjoyed them immensely.
I just got over a three day migraine. It really sucked this time. I was even sick to my stomach. You don't need to call me, Mom. I'm fine now. Mom tends to panic about health related items and me. I once made the mistake of emailing her that I cut the inside of my mouth and my phone rang within a minute of hitting the send button. Mothers!

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