Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MCCain-Palin Butt of Too Many Jokes

The news today states that the media's poking fun at the candidates has been unbalanced by about 4-1. McCain/Palin are a laugh a minute while Obama/Biden get chuckled at from time to time.

Unfortunately McCain and Palin go way past funny to ridiculous--and then on to scary: Old Geezer with Melanoma (needing anger management class) and Moose Disemboweler--(with aspirations to World Domination).

Neither melanoma nor the disemboweling of animals not entirely necessary for our survival would be a problem if either one of them could perform the task of world leader alone--especially if they had a crack team of advisors hired on. Neither McCain (old&sick) or Palin(egocentric&stupid) can carry it off alone, and if the past 8 years are any indication, Republican-picked advisors are to be avoided.
So, what's a country to do?
We can laugh until it's time to pick up our rakes and torches and march to the Capitol.

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