Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TANTRUM TIME: This is true although you were led to believe something else

Yahoo asks: Why isn't the Gov't helping out homeowners heading for foreclosure?
Your answer is in this link to an article by US News and World Report.

It explains why the bailout is only for the banks and not for the private citizens.
...and it's your $700 billion.
Citizens of the USA are going to be taxed to the tune of $700 Billion to bail out the economy of the United States of America...that is, The Big Banks. And you, the citizen are going to lose your home (you really should've realized that if something sounds too good to be true it's because it is. [Remember 3 card Monty?]) And the Banks and the government of the USA are going to tax you, the mere citizen, for the financial collapse and the Iraq War (which we should've been being taxed for all along--money doesn't come out of magic lamps, you know)
We the People of the USA need to stop bitching about being taxed for schools (how about excellent schools?), water, sewer, police, fire, ambulance, roads, bridges (to somewhere, of course), and start thinking about how no one in government has your best interests at heart--only their own.
The US Gov't actually made us believe that greed is good, credit is good and Big Daddy always has a pocket full of money... and if you didn't believe it you were unpatriotic & anti-American. (Big Daddy's pockets are full again---with $700 billion--the old shell game never fails.)
It's payback time, America, and we're going to have to suck it up and pay it back.
But in the future if something sounds like a lie we'd better pull our heads out of our asses and say so.

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