Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm Bound Away

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Rochester, NY. I've already outlined what I'll be doing while I'm there but here's a refresher:

Rochester, NY 2 days with the Hatchling and pick Cath up at the airport Friday evening.

Saturday early morning: Cath and I drive to Lake Placid, NY for a family wedding. It's going to be a good time but what I'm especially looking forward to is the political thinking of the other guests--I need other opinions and perspectives than my own and I'm pretty sure I'll find them there. Saturday and Sunday in Placid and then we leave for

Somers, NY where we will visit with the Olde Original Matriarch, Louise Blum--92 years old and hating it--but the very salt of the Earth.

We will pick Hermana up in Somers and toot around the old sod for a few hours before driving to

JFK so Cath can pick up a ride back to Tacoma. Hermana and I will continue to

Montauk, LI to commune with the past, present and future--all encapsulated in the Autumnal Atlantic--also in the autumnal Atlantic are lobsters--I'm going to do some serious communing with a lobster.

Then back to Rochester where I'll keep house for the Hatchling for a few days before returning to Tacoma.

In each place I'm going to try and get some photos and write some impressions of what the hell I'm feeling and thinking at that place and time. Probably be as boring as can be but there you are.
I'm going to have a lot of fun--I'll be back here 10/22.

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