Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soon It Will Be Halloween. Here's Something Scary!

I present this without comment, except to my good friends who belong to the NRA.

When the Constitution gets suspended, they WILL be taking away your perfectly legal right to own firearms. They won't listen to ME, but they may listen to you! Don't let this happen.

Sincerely Yours,
- Lois (Maggie) Carneiro


Anonymous said...

Fascism will come to America wrapped in Old Glory, carrying a gun on one hand, and a cross on the other.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the DMZ graphic novel, where there was a second civil war.

Damn that's scary...

Tia Hermana Maggie said...

Dear DMZ Reader,

You're spot on! Deploying American soldiers to police American citizens on American soil is not only frightening and distasteful, but it is also unconstitutional, unless Martial Law is implemented. (Let it NEVER be so.)

I have friends in the NRA (though I am strictly a knife chick myself). In the event of martial law, the Bill of Rights can (will) be suspended and my friends perfectly legal firearms will be subject to confiscation. That will make them very unhappy. And some of them are ex-servicemen.

Believe me, we do NOT want disaffected soldiers treating us like the enemy, whoever THAT is this week. I would hope that they can muster enough of their military discipline to remember that dissent is as valid as any other patriotic duty.

Lois Carneiro (Maggie)