Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Back!

It was a very successful trip. Little Bobby is married to his best girlie. The Hatchling is in fine fettle. Maggie and I

had a wonderful time in Montauk.

I got home to discover that Sarah Palin might be a liability to the GOP's chances.

Alan Greenspan thinks that maybe people who handle money DO need some regulation.

Colin Powell is disappointed with the Republican ticket.

Obama is gaining in the polls and some wagering outfit in the UK has already paid off on him.

They've obviously forgotten that voting in the USA is unreliable at best. The people may go to the polls but do they actually get to vote? And if they do vote are their votes counted?

The Government of the USA has been playing fast and loose for too long. Our collective brains need a quarter-turn so we can focus on who we really are and on what's really happening now.

For some real intelligence read this:


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