Monday, October 27, 2008

Stolen Words; Simple, True and Damned Embarrassing

It's the old 'Be Here Now'; the amazing truth of attempting to participate decently in a glorious and schizophrenic world. I've taken a quote and leave it here for ya'll to enjoy. It's from Manohla Dargis' NYT review of 'Synecdoche, New York':

" comes down hard for living in the world with real, breathing, embracing bodies pressed against other bodies. To be here now, alive in the world as it is rather then as we imagine it to be, seems a terribly simple idea, yet it's also the only idea worth the fuss, the anxiety of influence and all the messy rest, a hard lesson won for Caden. Life is a dream, but only for sleepers" could I have forgotten that simple truth? Probably because it's hidden in plain sight.

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