Friday, November 14, 2008

I wish this could be my last word on the subject but probably not.

Church and Religion:

I was seven years old when I noticed that religion didn't make sense.

I went to Catholic schools for 13 years and its pretty hard not to notice the inconsistencies when the same people who teach you science and history and geography are also teaching you catholicism/christianity.

I asked about it once because it was astonishing to me that intelligent people could spout this stuff without looking embarrassed--I was told that 'the devil' was in everything.

That clinched it for me. This was crazy talk . So I sat in their classes from that day on and never believed a word they said.

Churches---all churches infantilize their followers by doing their thinking for them. Do human beings really need to be lead around by the nose in order to do the right thing? No. But they do need to be lead around by the nose if you want them to march off to 'preemptively strike' whoever is threatening your oil supplies.

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