Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Amen, Sister

Yes, no fair name calling or finger pointing. If you want to play the democracy game you've got to hold up your end by being active in the causes you espouse. Being active in the causes you espouse means learning about the economy (for example) and what constitutes the responsible and healthy handling of a nation's finances and then acting on what you've learned and not on rumors and fantasy.
The American people have been dropping the ball hoping to save their comforts. The stock market dropped 500 points today because the markets are afraid of what a democrat as president means. Is everyone ADHD? Exactly who was it that poured our money down the drain? And exactly who was it that watched while it happened?
Well, grow up, stand up. Educate yourself and come forward with solid ideas that will contribute to a more perfect Union.
No crybabies in the USA.

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