Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Signs and Portents

I couldn't find a good picture of a portent.

I've been in ag-o-nee about what subject to post on--there's so much information out there--both fact and fiction--on every subject. It's impossible to nail something down.

Theism or atheism? Republican or Democrat? Elitist or--what? What's the opposite of elite? What's the opposite of intellectual? Are you really un -American if you speak French?

So, I'm just diving in asking some questions that I've been asking myself.

So, what is out there in the Multiverse anyway? And how did it come to be?

I'm content to live with the question for now--we seem to be making some inroads, in a scientific sort of way--and even if a theory turns out to be wrong, well, you know it leads you down another road...

Did God do it? And who the heck is God anyway? To build a Multiverse you'd have to be a damn sight more complicated than religion would lead you to believe. To build a Multiverse you'd have to step outside of those 10 commandments--probably, the 10 commandments wouldn't even be on your radar.

Do you know that there is a community of Christians out there (I don't remember which one--I just heard it on the radio one night--it might not even be true--let me know if it's not) that is dead set against cloning because there's not enough souls to go into those poor soul-less untraditionally-birthed bodies?

A soul bank? Who knew that this would be a problem for God?

And the whole gay/straight marriage thing--I can't imagine an all powerful being worrying about it---or worrying at all. People are out there promising to take care of each other---bonus!!

Why is it bad to insist that the American automakers make cleaner cars?
Why will national healthcare make us commie pinkos?
Where do babies come from? (Don't ask! Don't Tell!!)

Greed rules. Fear keeps us in line.

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