Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lost in a Sea of Red Cabbage

What are YOU Doing for Thanksgiving? I'm going to spend my day looking at the wonderful (and edible) landscapes of Carl Warner.

I don't cook for Thanksgiving. I give thanks that I gave that up a long time ago. But none of our favorite restaurants are open on the holiday, and my husband and I don't want to drag his elderly Mom to the Traveler's Rest, which is always packed with other smart people who don't want to have to cream their own onions or deal with the guilt of throwing out a perfectly good turkey carcass that would have made wonderful soup!

So, we'll go out to dinner NEXT week. We'll probably go to Spacarelli's (Millwood, NY - Highly recommended!) and have Chicken Rustica or Zuppa di Pesce. And vodka gimlets. Ummmmm....

- Maggie

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