Saturday, November 29, 2008

Peace on Earth...

When I was a sweet young thing ( I was never a sweet young thing ) but when I was young I went to St Patrick's School. At Christmas time the public school, which was a large brick building in the middle of town, would have Peace on Earth Good will Toward Men spelled out in the windows that faced the main drag, Commerce Street.
Yorktown only had about 6 buses back in the mid-50's so the kids from St Pat's would be bused to the public school and then go home on the buses with the public school kids. Not me because we lived close by and I walked home after we got to the public school.

Howsomiver, the nuns who escorted us on the bus from St Pat's brought us around to the front of the public school one day and pointed out the words in the windows. That's wrong, they told us, it should be Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will. Making sure we knew that God didn't aim his good will at just anybody. The feeling I got that day, standing there in my gabardine uniform was: 'that cold, vindictive, small-minded bastard' I didn't have the phraseology or the vocabulary of course but the feeling was definitely there and it was unpleasant because whatever the definition of good will was I knew I didn't have it...I was 7 or 8 years old, pissed off and resentful as hell.
Those poor nuns---I wonder if they really believed that?
I swear my next post will be more uplifting.

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