Friday, November 7, 2008

Seduced by Obama...Economics 102...Childish ways

See Shelby Steele's column in the LA Times today:

Shelby says that Obama got us in our soft spots (...words to that effect). Thereby seducing us into voting for him.
Well then, I am happily seduced, if that man needed to work on our psyches to get us to see reason then more power to him.
Whether I and my fellow Americans finally have seen the light and voted for someone who can think or whether we've been worked over by a present day Mesmer, the object has been achieved:
A man of intelligence sans buzzwords and snickering social putdowns is going to be president of the USA.
Shelby also says: "But true reform, like the civil rights victories of the '60s, never happens until people become exhausted with their suffering. Then they don't care who the president is." Sadly this is true.
A great many people and nations don't ...and won't look at the truth until its too painful to bear another moment longer.
If America had been cruising along economically and GM had been turning out SUV's to beat the band John McCain would be our President-elect today.
As long as Americans have the financial wherewithal to buy another house or another car we will never look the truth in the face.
We should be ashamed of ourselves.
When will we finally be exhausted with the war in Iraq? Over 4000 Americans are dead now, isn't this truth too painful to bear yet?---do we wait for it to come back to our shores before we give it the careful thought it deserves? Exactly who should we be aiming our weapons at? And exactly what should our weapons be?
America, rise up and use your brains.
Shelby, you rascal...

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