Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Morning from Tacoma, Wa

Such a pretty day today I decided to go for a drive.
I listened to talk radio. What a downer--bitching and moaning about everything. Whatever it is they must be against it too.
But it is a scary situation the USA and the world is in now. I was watching people Christmas shop and I was looking at the adverts outside of the stores wondering if this was a last hurrah for a few years. Shop while you can, folks.
At one of the car dealerships there's a $8500 rebate if you'll buy a truck--and the gas is down to $1.95/gal in a couple of places so maybe those trucks will sell.
In the Walgreen's the boxes of candy are lined up so pretty and at the Tacoma Boys (local produce and butcher shop) the hams are wrapped, the wine bottles are shined and beribboned and the vegetables look like they've been poured from a cornucopia. Wreaths, Christmas trees, colored lights--just like normal but you've got to think once, twice, three times before you reach out to buy that pretty, tasty thing---where will the dollars be coming from after the holidays? Better be cautious.
I hate to think about all those auto workers that are going to be laid off and I hate to think that we may be giving bailout money to the same Auto Companies that are refusing to build cleaner cars.
Isn't it crazy that in order for the citizens to stay quasi-solvent they've got to bailout the auto companies and the banks? We've always been handing our money over to the auto makers and the banks---but this time we're not going to get cars or interest for the money we give them. Just empty pockets.

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