Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...should be kept between the 4 walls of a church.

The Keith Olbermann video got me started and then I saw this:
'Celibate' men with a prediliction for raping children are telling the world how to vote. It has ever been thus... humans are herding animals, it seems and religion is the shepherd.

Church and state will never be separate and today I understand what Richard Dawkins feels when he talks about militant atheism.

"In childhood our credulity serves us well. It helps us to pack, with extraordinary rapidity, our skulls full of the wisdom of our parents and our ancestors. But if we don't grow out of it in the fullness of time, our ... nature makes us a sitting target for astrologers, mediums, gurus, evangelists, and quacks. We need to replace the automatic credulity of childhood with the constructive skepticism of adult science."(Dawkins)

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