Saturday, November 29, 2008

'The Apex of Cultural Stupidity'

Ron Rosenbaum says its our obsession with Hitler's sex life but I think we've got that beaten now.

In Valley Stream Long Island this week shoppers trampled a WalMart worker to death and kept running right over him even when police reached him and started CPR.

Is there ANYTHING at WalMart worth killing for?

What is going on in the human mind when you can put aside all your virtues and self-restraint and kill someone for a Tickle Me Elmo or a fishing pole or a set of sheets.

So much for high-minded Americans. I feel like apologizing to President Elect Obama. This is what he studied so hard for all those years and worked so hard (and so well) for. To lead America and its great people.

This is a hang your head in shame moment. Bombs and killings in Mumbai. American soldiers dying by the thousands in the Mid-East..

Innocents tortured and held at Guantanamo. Genocide and AIDS and the rape of women and children in Africa. And all the people in Valley Stream can think of is a good bargain at WalMart. They have shamed and debased themselves and all of us.

It's likely that no one will be prosecuted for this killing. I'm visualizing CSI, Long Island taking casts of the footprints on that man's crushed body.

We've all got to ask ourselves just how low we're willing to sink.

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