Friday, November 14, 2008


This article and the comments below are from's more to see there if you wish to follow the link. I'm especially fond of comment #3. And isn't there something in scripture about casting the first stone?

Priest: No Communion for Obama voters
The pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church in Greenville, SC, is urging parishioners who voted for Barack Obama not to present themselves for Communion unless they go to confession first because they have cooperated with "intrinsic evil'' by voting for a candidate who supports abortion rights over a candidate who does not. The Rev. Jay Scott Newman told the Greenville News that he doesn't intend to deny anyone Communion, but made it clear that his view is that Obama voters should not present themselves without seeking penance first "lest they eat and drink their own condemnation.''

1. How about the giving same tough treatment to those individuals in our Catholic leadership who covered up for pederast prelates since day one! They abused our Catholic children, bankrupted our archdioceses as a result of legal settlements. They got a free ticket pass GO right to a nice position in Rome and out of the obstruction of justice range in the USA. Look at Catholics first before judging a Non Catholic’s personal position on the law and the rights of American woman in our democracy. Separation of Church and State should be the guiding force on all these issues. What are we doing here creating another inquisition in the year 2008!

2. Father Newman's logic puts most all of us in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" position because how can we in good conscience support the stubborn, deceptive, and violent stance of Senator McCain toward the "war on terrorism" and Bush Doctrine of preemptive strikes. We all know that the Catholic Church does not support this either. I guess we all are sinners and always will be despite our best efforts and we will all need forgiveness for actions regardless if they suit our own ethical judgment and best rational sense of morality. Father Newman needs to go visit Iraq and see the lives damaged by death and physical and psychological trauma. I'd also recommend he do more visiting of soldiers in the hospitals and rehab facilities, visit the soldier homes to find many broken and lonesome families, and most importantly start praying for himself more to be less judgmental of others and to start focusing on more important criticisms of a public nature.

3. If the church wants to play politics, then it should be prepared to lose its tax-exempt status. Otherwise, butt out.

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