Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jesus Christ-deserving of respect?

I think so.

I know a lot about Jesus from my Catholic schooling and, you know, he was the only one I really liked, anywhere. He seemed a sensible man, gentle and kind. Even with the pressure of his job he only lost his temper occasionally and that's because he was human. He did good things for people and tried to make his people more tolerant of each other. According to Jesus there was a place for Martha and Mary in the world--they each had their tasks. Mary Magdalene had her rights too, she'd had a tough life to begin with. Give the girl a break.

Anyway there's a movie making the rounds about how Jesus didn't really exist.

I don't know the best thinking on this but I'm under the impression that he did exist but that he was only human--he had no more god in him than anyone does. He became a symbol after his death--a visible sign of the invisible Christ. Christ being compassion for for the world and all its inhabitants. Not someone to hang on a flag and wave in front of armies--Jesus would be appalled at that. I believe that there is a time to kill and a time to heal but before you rush into it examine your motives and don't let fast talkers turn your head.

Performing atrocities in Jesus' name is disrespectful. Use your own name and leave Jesus out of it.

And then there's the Frogs: I saw these when I went for a drive to Leavenworth, Wa. yesterday. There are lots of little shops there overflowing with art and toys and china and Beer and sausages...you get the idea. I saw this Nativity scene made up of very lovely glass frogs---I don't like Jesus to be cute. I don't like Precious Moments Nativity scenes or anything that makes that poor, desperate family sleeping in the cold anything but what they symbolize. Suffering but hopeful and strong and never despairing.

Well, there's my prejudice for you. The life and death of Jesus makes a good story---and all over the place humans use that story for their own enrichment and gratification.

God bless us, everyone.

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